Children’s Day

1 June is an International Children’s Day. Let’s create an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding for them together.

Ukrainian fairy tales. UNESCO

Ukrainian fairy tales may be subject Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. As part of the Kiev International Book Exhibition organized by the State Committee of Ukraine, the presentation of the 40-volume edition “Ukrainian Folk Tales” – candidate for Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. | Government portal.


We`re going to begin our journey and invite you to join us.
We`re little but tenacious Ukrainian publishing house of interactive books and games.
Our goal is to take a part in developing of Ukrainian culture and alert children attention to the great treasure of traditions and characters. The Rolling Pea, Straw Bull and others lovely characters from our childhood will appear in our interactive and printed books soon. And a lot of interesting things are waiting ahead.
In this blog we`ll write about our adventures on the road to our goal.  Enjoy!